Mobile Lifts

Easy-to-use mobile lifts assist carers when lifting and transferring people with impaired mobility. Mobile lifts provide a solution for comfortable and safe lifting and enhance the work environment and safety for the carer, and can easily be maneuvered around the facility.

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Molift Smart 150

Starting at $3,999

Light, foldable and transportable without tools

Molift Smart 150 is designed to be easily wheeled and transported to where it is required. It is designed for home care, travelling and easy storage. Molift Smart is foldable in one piece without using any tools.

Low weight and unique construction

Due to its low weight, small footprint and unique construction, the Molift Smart 150 is easy to maneuver even in narrow spaces.

Comfortable and safe transfer

The lifting range of 10 – 66 inches provides an excellent maximum lifting height and at the same time gets very low, facilitating lifting from the floor. The standard 4-point sling bar ensures a comfortable and spacious lifting position for the user.

✨Molift Smart 150 has been awarded for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council ✨

Product Weight Weight Capacity Lift Height
58 lbs.
330 lbs.
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Molift Mover 205

Starting at $4,534

A workhorse for frequent and everyday use

Molift Mover 205 is a flexible all-round mobile lift for all lifting and transfer situations in nursing, institutional and hospital settings. Although having a low total weight of 83 lbs, facilitating wheeling and maneuverability, the unique construction allows a safe working load of 451 lbs.


Excellent reach, low and high

Molift Mover 205 has an excellent lifting height, of 14–71 inches. It has a standard 4-point sling bar that used together with a Molift Sling provides a comfortable and spacious position for the user. A quick-release function provides options for other sling bars in different dimensions. The version with support arms can be used for walking and gait training activities. The hoist is powered by an environmentally friendly NiMh battery.

Product Weight Weight Capacity Lift Height
83 lbs.
451 lbs.
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Molift Mover 300

Starting at $4,499

High capacity in a low total weight

With its high lifting capacity of 660 lbs, Molift Mover 300 is the ideal solution for hospitals and care facilities with bariatric clients who have frequent and everyday moving and handling needs. With a total weight of only 88.4 lbs the Molift Mover 300 is the lightest in its category. The unique construction and wheel positioning provides excellent maneuverability.

Excellent hoisting range

Molift Mover 300 lifts easily from the floor, reaching down to 14.6 inch at the lowest. Excellent maximum lifting height at 82.7 inch provides good free lifting space and possibility for gait training. The lift is also equipped with an environmentally friendly NiMh-battery.

Battery Charge Time Weight Capacity Lift Height
3 hrs.
660 lbs.
14.6" - 82.7"
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