4-Wheel Portable

When you need a portable, lightweight scooter to help with errands, dog walks, or watching the grandkids graduate, Central has a wide selection of 4-wheel scooters for all of your on the go needs!

Go Go Elite Traveller® 2

Starting at $1,349

With an industry-best turning radius of 37”, the Go Go Elite Traveller® 2 4-Wheel incorporates Pride’s patented iTurn technology, offering 3-wheel scooter agility without compromising 4-wheel scooter stability.

Travel Mobility Made Easy

With a 300-lb. weight capacity, a top speed of up to 4.23 mph, and the potential to ride up to 13.8 miles per battery charge, you’ll be getting around in no time. And thanks to feather-touch disassembly, the unit easily separates into five pieces, making storage and transport a breeze.

Even More Elite

The Go Go Elite Traveller 2 4-Wheel boasts the smallest turning radius among all 4-wheel scooters at just 37”. Pride’s patented, intelligent-turning, iTurn Technology will provide you with 4-wheel stability and 3-wheel maneuverability. Effortlessly navigate your home, the store, and many other destinations with confidence.


  • Range per charge of 13.8 miles with 18 Ah battery at 220 lbs., 10.4 miles with 18 Ah battery at 300 lbs. 8.8 miles with 12 Ah battery at 220 lbs., and 6.6 miles with 12 Ah battery at 300 lbs.
  • Removable color-through shrouds are included in Cardinal Red and Black; six more colors are available at an additional charge
  • Angle-adjustable Delta tiller with built-in charging port
  • Feather-touch disassembly separates unit into five lightweight pieces
  • Non-scuffing, flat free tires
  • Front basket comes standard
Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
300 lbs
up to 13.8 miles
up to 4.23 mph

Revo® 2.0

Starting at $1,914

Robustly rugged meets brilliant convenience. With the Revo® 2.0, there is nothing you can’t handle! This tough and dependable scooter has powerful suspension for a smooth ride, yet easily disassembles for full portability.

Then, build in ultimate comfort features, like two-point Comfort-Trac Suspension, rugged pneumatic tires and a 20-inch ergonomic seat. Add flourishes like a deck light, an on-board USB charging port for your devices and additional optional accessories” to make your journey all the more enjoyable.

Grass, gravel, carpet – the Revo 2.0 4-wheel conquers all

 Deceivingly compact, this go-getter of a mobility scooter has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Comfort-Trac Suspension and rugged, never-flat tires let you glide over a variety of terrains, including rough gravel and grassy lawns.

Easily breaks down for portability

The Revo 2.0 breaks down swiftly into five main pieces thanks to our exclusive feather-touch disassembly system. When you reach your destination, it clicks back together just as fast, giving you the freedom to take your scooter anywhere.

Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
400 lbs
up to 17.8 miles
up to 5.2 mph

Go Go® Ultra X 4-Wheel

Starting at $1,144

The world’s favorite mobility scooter maker created an economy-class 4-wheel scooter that pushes the limits of what most people expect in an economy 4-wheel scooter.

It’s got power, speed, comfort and the reliability that you’d expect from any Pride Mobility device.Yes, even one in the economy class.

First Class Features

With Go Go Ultra X 4-Wheel, you get tremendous potential, up to 8.9 miles on a single charge,allowing you to go out and get more of what you want from life. It also has speed, driven by a 24-volt DC motor, and tops out at 4.1 mph. Four wheels give you stability and comfort while you cruise across different terrains.

Simplified 4-Wheel

The Go Go Ultra X 4-Wheel and its counterpart, the Go Go Ultra X 3-Wheel, use Pride’s latest lightweight, folding seat design with a breathable mesh back. The padded, vinyl-wrapped seat cushion and armrests offer the kind of sustaining comfort that let you ride all day and quit when you’re ready.

Other streamlined features include the straightforward, standard tiller. Its functional design puts you in control of your mobility scooter experience. It’s also where you charge up your scooter. The charging port, conveniently located just below the handle, lets you power up at the end of the day.

Product Weight Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
300 lbs
up to 6.6 or 8.9 miles
up to 4.1 mph


Starting at $1,854

Your mobility has turned a corner with the Zero Turn 8, an innovative scooter equipped with iTurn Technology™, enabling you to maneuver this scooter through small spaces and around tight corners! Plus, enjoy full lighting, plenty of storage and a USB charger.

Powerful compact mobility scooter built for indoors and out.

The Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel offers Pride’s tightest maneuverability for a four-wheel mobility scooter. With iTurn Technology™, Pride’s exclusive zero-turn system, you can turn on a dime with a 37.25-inch radius.

Scoot into the supermarket with confidence that no aisle or produce display will throw you off course. The Pride Zero Turn 8 mobility scooter gives you nimble navigation for weaving through all of it.

Use Outdoors

Much like some riding lawn mowers, the independent rear wheels turn in opposite directions, allowing you to make breathtakingly tight turns in a snap. 

With user-friendly features like LED headlights, a USB charging port for your devices and Pride’s unique feather-touch disassembly system, it’s ready to go whenever you are.

Product Weight Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
325 lbs
up to 13.1 miles
up to 5.9 mph
Central HME - cleveland based medical equipment. Scooters, lift chairs, wheelchairs

Go Go® Sport 4-Wheel

Starting at $1,534

Central HME - cleveland based medical equipment. Scooters, lift chairs, wheelchairs

The Go Go® Sport offers simple disassembly and an ergonomic delta tiller, perfect for one-handed operation. Enjoy the versatility of this sporty scooter, as well as bright LED lighting.

It features ample storage, simple navigation, and is so easy to transfer from your home, into your car, then to your destination.

Offering feather-touch disassembly, the Go Go® Sport is the perfect choice for the adventurer in you! Whether you are traveling close to home, on a trip or to the mall, whatever your need is, travel has never been easier! 

Scooter disassembly is a breeze. Five lightweight pieces break down for fast transport from fully ridable to fitting comfortably into most car trunks.

Product Weight Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
325 lbs
up to 12 miles
up to 4.7 mph

Go Go Elite Traveller®

Starting at $1,204

One of the travel mobility scooter market’s leading models, the Go Go Elite Traveller® 4-Wheel comes packed with all the right features to let you focus more on the journey and less on how you’re going to get there.

The Go Go Elite Traveller® 4-Wheel mobility scooter includes an ergonomic 17″ x 17″ seat and a spacious deck for your feet and legs. The swivel-mount seat means you just have to sidle up alongside the dinner table and twist. It also makes disembarking so much simpler.

Feather-touch disassembly

When it’s time to go, Pride Mobility’s exclusive feather-touch, one-hand disassembly design lets you break it down quickly and stow it away for the ride. The heaviest piece weighs only 34 pounds, which makes it a breeze to load into your trunk or back seat.

With a 300-pound weight capacity, maximum speeds of 4 mph and a range of up to 9.75 miles per charge, your Go Go Elite Traveller® 4-Wheel gets you from here to there, and there and however many “theres” you have after that.

Product Weight Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
300 lbs
up to 6 or 9.75 miles
up to 4 mph
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