Portable Oxygen

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (Often referred to as POC’s) are great for people who desire to be more mobile and independent. POC’s are lightweight, dependable, discreet and quiet!  They help you live life!

Our best selling Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The most advanced POC available, the new Oxlife LIBERTY™ 2 delivers 24/7 continuous flow oxygen and the largest pulse dose of any wearable POC with the convenience of a compact, lightweight design.

Life with th IGo2 POC

The Drive Medical Devilbiss Igo 2 POC is more than just a portable oxygen concentrator; it’s your partner in freedom. 

Unmatched Portability

Weighing less than 5 pounds and featuring a convenient carrying case, the Igo 2 goes where you go. 

Embrace Outdoor Activities

Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without restriction. The Igo 2 allows you to comfortably participate in outdoor hobbies like gardening, walking, or attending sporting events.

Maintain a Social Life 

The Igo 2’s discreet design and quiet operation won’t hold you back. Dine out with friends, attend social events, or simply enjoy quality time with loved ones – all while breathing comfortably.

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