Mobility Devices

View collection of the leading  Rollators and Walkers  on the mobility device market. These are high-end products designed for everyday and hosts a variety of features, such as all terrian wheels, quick wheelchair capabilities, and more. 

The most beautiful & innovative rollator walker on the market.

“It was obvious there was a lack of design in this industry – and we very quickly found out that this was because the way the existing companies looked at users as patients – not people with hopes and dreams. We simply took age out of the equation”.

– Anders Berggreen, co-founder and CEO of byACRE

Up Walker - perfect for the active indivisual looking for upright support.

View our selection of Upwalkers, made by Journey Health!

These are great for the daily walker user who is wanting to walk in an upright position and reduce back pain and injury.

Nitro - The best line of daily use rollators.

Drive Medical Nitro is a line of rollators designed to provide stability, maneuverability, and comfort for users who need extra support while maintaining an active lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown of why they might be a good option for consumers:

Stability and Maneuverability

  • Large wheels and sturdy frames offer a confident and smooth ride.
  • Many models have braking systems designed for increased control on inclines.


  • Padded seats and backs provide a comfortable place to rest during walks.
  • Most models fold easily for convenient storage and transportation.
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