Complex Rehab

Our rehab equipment requires careful assessment, fitting, and ongoing support from healthcare professionals, assistive technology specialists, and equipment suppliers. The goal is to maximize functionality, independence, and overall quality of life for individuals with complex mobility needs.

We now sell Permobil products!

Central HME is now proudly selling Permobil, TiLite, ROHO& Comfort Company brands! Permobil’s products are designed to be innovative, reliable, and easy to use, and they are backed by a commitment to excellent customer service. 

Ready to ride off trail?

Magic Mobility powerchairs enable people to be themselves. To pursue their interests and get on with making the most of their lives. To go further and discover new things about their world and themselves. 

Explore 4X4 Power Wheelchairs, All-terrian Power Wheelchairs, and more.

ROHO® Seating & Cushions.

For 50 years, ROHO has dedicated its efforts to the research, engineering, and manufacturing of air-cell based cushions with a patented design called DRY FLOATATION® technology.

 It mimics the properties of water and ensures an individual’s body is immersed and enveloped to give outstanding pressure distribution. ROHO is the world-renowned leader in skin protection and positioning product solutions, and there are currently over one million cushions in use in over 70 countries.

Quantum rehab r-trak

classic rear-wheel drive power chair with unprecedented comfort.

The revolutionary R-TRAK power base combines the stability of a classic rear-wheel drive power chair with unprecedented comfort. The integration of our Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS) technology and its uniquely positioned Center of Gravity (CoG) provide stability, comfort, and unmatched driving performance, making obstacle transitions smoother.

The R-TRAK also makes for a more maneuverable driving experience compared to other rear wheel drive bases, as it boasts a narrow 24.2” base, providing greater environmental access. It also has a top speed of up to 7 mph, or 3.5 mph while elevated up to 10” with Safe Seat Elevation.


Quantum Rehabs most nimble power wheelchair!

The Edge 3 Stretto® is the narrowest, most maneuverable power base in America! This narrow wheelchair base is perfect for navigating tight corners and small spaces. With an overall width of 20.47” with 12.5” drive wheels, the Stretto® is the best narrow wheelchair for children, teenagers and small adults to use in the home.

THE BENEFITS OF A CRT Power wheelchair

Benefits of Complex Rehab Technology wheelchairs.

  • Improved Independence: These power chairs empower individuals with limited mobility to perform daily tasks and activities independently, such as moving around their home, accessing work or school, and socializing with friends and family.
  • Enhanced Mobility: CRT power chairs are designed to navigate various terrains and environments, including rough outdoor surfaces, tight indoor spaces, and crowded public places. This versatility provides users with the freedom to go where they want and need to go.
  • Durability and Reliability: High-quality construction and durable materials make CRT power chairs robust and reliable. Users can depend on them for daily mobility needs, reducing the risk of breakdowns and maintenance issues.

Create Your Rehab Appointment

Use this Calender below to get started with our ATP! Once you schedule a time that works for you, we will come out and begin the home assessment process and seeing what product works for you. Learn more about that on our home assessment page, seen below!

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