Rent Medical Equipment

Need to rent medical equipment in Cleveland / Lorain? We have quality and easy to use medical equipment, perfect for the short-term use, vacation, or to simply try before you buy.

Want to try out a custom power wheelchair? Contact us to test drive today!

Tilt in Space Wheelchairs

A tilt-in-space wheelchair is a type of wheelchair that allows the user to recline or tilt the entire seating system while maintaining a constant seat-to-back angle. This feature can provide various benefits, such as pressure redistribution, postural support, and improved patient comfort.

Each Tilt in Space Wheelchair is tested and steralized upon delivery.

BPAP / CPAP Devices

Central HME rents CPAP and BPAP devices by the month! We use the high-quality and dependable React Health Luna G3 BiLevel and React Health G3 PAP as our main rentals. They are quiet and easy to use, and give you the ability to easily track your breathing and generate reports.



We rent stationary 5L concentrators & 10L stationary concentrators, along with portable oxygen devices, nebulizers, and suction machines.


Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are a type of mobility aid that are propelled by the user or a caregiver. They are great for increasing independence, getting outside, and are affordable short-term mobility solutions! We can also rent accessories such as cushions, elevating legrests, anti-tippers, extended breaks, and more.

Each wheelchair is disinfected and steralized upon delivery.

Patient Lifts

Patient lifts or stand up patient lifts, are assistive devices used in healthcare and home settings to help individuals with limited mobility to transfer from one position to another or to a standing position.

Each patient lift is tested and steralized upon delivery.

Homecare & Bariatric Beds

Medical beds, also known as hospital beds, are specialized beds designed for individuals with medical conditions or disabilities. You can sit up, lift your legs, as well as raise and lowering your bed.

Each bed is tested and disinfect upon delivery.


We offer standard and bariatric broda style chairs for rent. They offer superior tilt capability while being easy to clean and control.

Call for availibility - limited supply.


Central HME rents both standard and bariatric Low Air Loss (LAL) mattresses and foam mattresses, specialized for individuals with medical conditions, recent injuries or disabilities. They are great for increasing comfortability, user indepenedencec, care, and support.

Each mattress is tested and steralized upon delivery.

All Rentals

We rent more high-end equipment, such as lift chair recliners and mobility scooters by the month. These are rented with a creidt card on file in order to compensate for broken or spoiled product.

*Limited Options - call for availability*

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