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Travel EZ collection

Browse some of the best travel with products on the mobility and respiratory market! 

From the quiet OxyGo FIT Portable Oxygen Concentrators to the lightweigh Pride Mobility Jazzy Carbon Portable Power Wheelchair.

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Our Leading Brands

Browse products from our are leading Travel EZ brands! 

From the portable power wheelchair you depend on for your travels, to FAA compliant backup batteries for your Portable Oxygen Concentrator, we will have you ready for your next vacation!

Daily Use Collection

Explore our products for active users who: use to workout, use for work, use for sports, and other daily activites.

Travel With Colllection

From long drives, trips on a plane, or vacations with the family, these are the products to always make sure you have!

Breathe-EZ Collection

Breathe EZ with our collection of products all designed to better your respiatory health.

Sleepy Collection

All you need for your room - from beds, ROHO mattress systems, accessible furniture, and more.

Innovation Collection

Shop our collection of the most innovative medical equipment products you can buy!

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