Beds & Mattresses

Our beds give you the comfortibility and durability you require for a restful nights sleep. Our beds all have great customer reviews, dependable manufacturers to back their product, and quality warranties to keep you dreaming peacefully. 

elegant designs

Gain Comfort and
Mobility while in your bed.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology and medical expertise, our beds offer personalized features such as adjustable height, head, and foot positions, ensuring the perfect sleep surface for your specific needs. 

 Rediscover the joys of a good night’s sleep, and let our medical beds be your trusted partner in your journey to recovery and well-being.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Beautiful bed designs to fit every homes layout.

Explore the world of lift chair customization, where you can tailor your seating experience to match your unique lifestyle. From size and fabric options to advanced features like heat and massage, learn how personalized choices can enhance your comfort. Discover the advantages of lift chairs that adapt to your needs, ensuring that you not only enjoy ultimate relaxation but also improve your daily life.

Low Air Loss Systems

Low Air Loss Mattresses: preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing user independence well-being.

Low air loss mattresses play a crucial role in healthcare by addressing the pressing issue of pressure ulcers, which can be painful and challenging to treat. These specialized mattresses provide a dynamic and therapeutic surface for patients at risk of or already experiencing pressure ulcers. By continuously adjusting air pressure to evenly distribute weight and reduce pressure on vulnerable areas of the body, they help prevent the development of these painful sores.

In essence, low air loss mattresses are a vital tool in promoting patient well-being and reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers in healthcare settings.

Mimics Water providing pressure distribution

ROHO® Mattresses

For 50 years, ROHO has dedicated its efforts to the research, engineering, and manufacturing of air-cell based cushions with a patented design called DRY FLOATATION® technology. It mimics the properties of water and ensures an individual’s body is immersed and enveloped to give outstanding pressure distribution. ROHO is the world-renowned leader in skin protection and positioning product solutions, and there are currently over one million cushions in use in over 70 countries!

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