Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are specialized devices used in healthcare settings to assist caregivers in safely moving and transferring patients who have limited mobility or are unable to move on their own. These lifts are designed to minimize the risk of injury for both patients and healthcare providers when transferring individuals from one place to another, such as from a bed to a wheelchair.

Lift with ease with Molift.

Easy-to-use mobile lifts assist carers when lifting and transferring people with impaired mobility.

Mobile lifts provide a solution for comfortable and safe lifting and enhance the work environment and safety for the carer, and can easily be maneuvered around the facility.

The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer.

Molift Raiser Pro has been developed from an ergonomic perspective. It is a sit-to-stand aid that not only includes the physical but also the psychological, tactile and “human factors”. Learn more about how the thoughtful ergonomic design – down to the smallest detail – improves the ergonomics in everyday care, for both the carer and the user, in many ways.

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