4-Wheel Standard

When you need a portable, lightweight scooter to help with errands, dog walks, or watching the grandkids graduate, we offer a wide selection of 4-wheel scooters that will fit all your wants & needs. 

Revo® 2.0

Starting at $1,914

Robustly rugged meets brilliant convenience. With the Revo® 2.0, there is nothing you can’t handle! This tough and dependable scooter has powerful suspension for a smooth ride, yet easily disassembles for full portability.

Then, build in ultimate comfort features, like two-point Comfort-Trac Suspension, rugged pneumatic tires and a 20-inch ergonomic seat. Add flourishes like a deck light, an on-board USB charging port for your devices and additional optional accessories” to make your journey all the more enjoyable.

Grass, gravel, carpet – the Revo 2.0 4-wheel conquers all

 Deceivingly compact, this go-getter of a mobility scooter has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Comfort-Trac Suspension and rugged, never-flat tires let you glide over a variety of terrains, including rough gravel and grassy lawns.

Easily breaks down for portability

The Revo 2.0 breaks down swiftly into five main pieces thanks to our exclusive feather-touch disassembly system. When you reach your destination, it clicks back together just as fast, giving you the freedom to take your scooter anywhere.

Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
400 lbs
up to 17.8 miles
up to 5.2 mph


Starting at $3,609

Built to handle adventures and outdoor terrain, the Pursuit 2 proves the best adventures are yet to come. With a fast cruising speed of 9.3 mph, a per-charge range up to 40 miles and pneumatic tires that can tackle any road (or backroad), it puts thrill-seekers on the path to happiness, fast.

Furiously Fast. Dependably Durable.

Built to thrill and designed to go the distance, the Pursuit 2 never backs down from an off-road detour or long-distance excursion. With a fast top cruising speed of 9.3 mph and the ability to make it 40 miles on a single charge, this agile unit offers swift, efficient transport and endurance you can count on.

Robust Specs

This scooter packs a punch, offering a 400-pound weight capacity and a lithium-ion battery. Plus, with durable plastic shrouds, the Pursuit 2 can handle brush, branches and mud with no problem.

Key Features

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • 9.3 mph top cruising speed for thrilling rides in the great outdoors
  • An upgradeable dual lithium battery with a 40 mile range
  • Durable plastic shrouds for navigating through brush, weather and transport
  • Memory foam seat with 6” slider 
  • Enhanced LED lighting system
  •  Orange, daring Gray, and sleek Blac
Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
400 lbs
up to 40 miles!!
up to 9.3 mph

Baja® Bandit

Starting at $3,059

With impressive ground clearance, a top speed of 8 mph, and a lithium-ion battery pack which powers up to a 29-mile range, the Baja® Bandit is built for exploring the unknown and confidently tackling rugged terrain away from the beaten path.

The Baja Bandit is here to push the limits.

Kick it into high gear and let the Bandit do all the dirty work while you cruise in comfort. You’ve got full suspension right on the seat post to absorb all the shocks. So don’t be afraid to rough it up a little when things get bumpy.

Lighter, Faster, and Built for the Bold.

Venture with confidence knowing you’re equipped with the perfect blend of power and agility for all your journeys. An impressive ground clearance of 4.5” will get you through those rough spots with ease, and you’ll be flying on flatter stretches with a top speed of 8 mph.

With a 400-pound weight capacity and an upgradable dual lithium-ion battery configuration that delivers up to a 29-mile range, the Bandit is built to defy the elements – and keep you moving all day.


Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
400 lbs
up to 29 miles
up to 8 mph

Zero Turn 10

Starting at $2,814

The Zero Turn 10 mobility scooter gives you all-day reliability with the battery capacity to cover up to 21.2 miles on a single charge. That’s almost a marathon. With top speeds up to 7.7 mph, and a 400-pound weight capacity, we give you the tools for a future more fulfilled.

Made for day to day

An 18-inch deluxe stadium seat offers superior, upholstered comfort and slides back for more legroom. Folding arms adjust vertically and horizontally, so you can position them exactly where you need them.

In addition to Pride’s standard front-mounted basket, the tiller includes an inside storage compartment with molded cup holder, where you can tuck your phone and other valuables out of sight. Charge your mobile device on the go with the onboard USB charging port.

Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
400 lbs
up to 21.2 miles
up to 7.3 mph

Victory LX Sport

Starting at $2,564

When the road looks rough ahead, the Victory® LX Sport mobility scooter gives you the confidence to forge on. 

Victory LX Sport riders rave about its smooth controls, comfortable and fully adjustable captain’s chair, and standard features that let them spend more time enjoying the journey.

Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
400 lbs
up to 19.7 miles
up to 8.6 mph

Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty Scooter

Starting at $3,499

From its distinctive look to class-leading performance, we have stopped at nothing to create the new standard in heavy duty scooters. The Cobra GT4 boasts a dynamic, modern design and incorporates cutting edge technological advancements to provide the most attractive, highest performance scooter available. In addition, the Cobra provides maximum comfort with a smooth, stable ride and a deluxe Captain’s Seat with a width of 22″. Experience a new age in scooter design with the Cobra GT4.

  • Ergonomic delta control handles makes it easier for users with limited strength and dexterity to operate the scooter
  • Innovative design for a distinctive, stylish appearance
  • One-touch, infinite tiller angle adjustment allows the user to easily position the tiller into the ideal driving position
  • Large, air-filled, low profile tires and full suspension for smoothest outdoor ride quality
  • “Blade” style alloy wheel rims
  • Efficient, extra bright LED lighting
  • Captain’s seat is height adjustable, swivel and features a fold-down, reclining backrest;
  • Padded armrests feature easy turn cylinders for angle adjustmen
  • Positioning belt included
  • “High/Low” switch for instant speed control
  • Anti-tip wheels for greater safety
  • Easy, freewheel mode
Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
450 lbs
up to 22 miles
up to 10 mph
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