All Terrain Powerchairs

All-Terrain Power Wheelchairs are best for people who have experience with ATV equipment, have land, enjoy hiking and off-roading, or simply want a heavy-duty and innovative wheelchair.

Extreme X8

Starting at $19,193

This is not your standard power wheelchair! The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 is your partner for just about any adventure. Through sand or snow and up or down curbs, the Extreme X8 is a true all-terrain power wheelchair. Unrivaled 4×4 off-road performance and reliability make it the perfect outdoor wheelchair for adventurers, explorers, and rural workers alike. If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the Magic Mobility Extreme X8 is waiting to take you there.

Four independent high speed, high torque, high efficiency motors

The Extreme X8 has a top speed of 6 mph. The four motors (one powering each wheel) provide more than just speed – the high torque motors are extremely powerful, allowing users to confidently and quickly traverse a wide variety of difficult terrain. These motors are also highly efficient, maximizing the battery life and real-world distance the Extreme X8 can cover.

Articulating front frame with low pressure knobby tires

The Extreme X8 has an exceptionally smooth and jolt-free ride. This is due to the suspension that keeps all four driven wheels on the ground and smooths out the impact of small bumps & changes in the elevation of terrain. The low pressure knobby tires provide a smooth ride and give the wheelchair increased grip & climbing ability.

Can it go in water?

Your wheelchair should not be driven through puddles or across streams/rivers. It is an electrically powered device, with motors low to the ground.

Where can the Extreme X8 NOT go?

It won’t sail, swim, or defy the laws of physics.

How much does the Extreme X8 weigh?

The weight of an Extreme X8 varies greatly depending on the options fitted. An Extreme X8 with group 24 batteries weighs starts at 320 lbs., and will increase based upon options.

Weight Capacity Miles per Charge Turn Radius Speed
400 lbs
up to 12 miles
up to 6 mph

Magic 360 All Terrain Power Wheelchair

Starting at $17,702

The Magic Mobility Magic 360 is one of the few compact powerchairs that is robust enough for off-road, maneuverable enough for indoors, and versatile enough for everything in between. The Magic 360 was designed, manufactured, and developed in the heart of Australia. Magic Mobility has drawn upon 25 years of experience with off-road and all-terrain wheelchairs to deliver the world’s first everyday power wheelchair with true off-road capability. 

Off-Road Meets the Indoors

For 25 years, Magic Mobility has manufactured, designed, and developed all-terrain power wheelchairs. All of that knowledge has been used to create the Magic 360. The chassis, suspension, motors, drive wheels, and batteries were all developed with off-road performance in mind. It’s in our DNA.

Control and power when you need it! 

The Magic 360 is powered by 6.2 MPH, 4-pole, high performance 800W motors which deliver 50 lb-ft of torque! This level of torque delivers a performance punch when required, specifically during off-road driving on uneven terrain. This level of torque also allows for the driver to easily overcome obstacles at slower speeds.

Fits in with your life

The world’s most versatile compact chair with off-road capability. Tailored to the world you live in, the Magic 360 lets you choose the life you want. A compact chassis fits seamlessly around your home, work, or school environment, giving you true 360° freedom.

Weight Capacity Miles per Charge Turn Radius Speed
350 lbs.
21 miles
up to 6 mph
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