Halo Bar

The Comfort Company Halo Bar is one of the only products considered non-restraints by Assisted Living and other care facilties.

Halo Safety Ring

$525(one side), $591(both sides)

Install & support: $75

The Halo Safety Ring, is a device designed to improve safety and independence for individuals in assisted living facilities or those requiring aid with mobility.

The Halo Safety Ring is the only patented institutional bed mobility device that prevents lateral mattress movement, and gap space in the most critical zones: 1, 2, & 3.

Provides exit points for neck, head, & chest and eliminates the four most critical zones of entrapment.

The bar promotes bed mobility & increases environmental independence.It also rotates 90 degrees either direction to accommodate different user positions and allow ease of bed exit.

Why We Like Halo Safety Rings

The Comfort Company Safety Ring offers several advantages that make it a good product for specific situations.

  • Enhanced safety
  • Improves user independence
  • Multiple Pivot Points
  • Allowed in most assisted living / care facilites

Guides & Videos

Yes, Halo Safety Rings CAN  GO IN ASSISTED LIVING FACILITES. This product we routinely sell and install into NE Ohio healthcare facilites and assisted living facilites, as this product is the main “non-restraint” grab bar on the market.

Yes, our install fee begins at $75 dollars as it often takes us 1-2 hours for a safe, effective install with proper testing complete. 

Halo Ring:

  • Design: Circular metal frame that attaches to the bed frame.
  • Application: Designed for hospital or institutional beds with metal frames.
  • Benefits: Provides secure grabbing points for transfers and getting in and out of bed. Meets safety standards to prevent bed entrapment.
  • Drawback: Not suitable for home-style beds with box springs and mattresses.

Halo Wing:

  • Design: L-shaped bar that mounts to the side of the bed frame and under the box spring/mattress.
  • Application: Designed specifically for home-style beds with box springs and mattresses.
  • Benefits: Offers additional support and a larger grabbing area compared to the Ring. Eliminates entrapment zones around the bed.
  • Drawback: Not compatible with hospital beds.

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences:

FeatureHalo RingHalo Wing
DesignCircular metal frameL-shaped bar
ApplicationHospital bedsHome-style beds
BenefitsSecure grab pointsMore support, larger area
DrawbacksNot for home bedsNot for hospital beds
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