Heavy-Duty Scooters

Our line of heavy duty scooters offers the durability and customizability that you require. We ensure longevity and sturdiness without compromising on the specifications you desire. Get riding today!


Starting at $4,999

Enter the PX4, the latest bold innovation from Pride Mobility, and your conduit for charting out new destinations. It boasts a 500-pound weight capacity and it doesn’t hold it back from ramping up to a top speed of 9.3 mph! Coupled with an impressive 23.4-mile battery range, traveling is a cinch, no matter your destination.

With seat sizes ranging from 18″ to 22″, the PX4 has plenty of room to breathe for any eager traveler. A full suspension equals unparalleled comfort while exploring parks and urban landscapes. A water-resistant user interface, enhanced lighting package, and memory foam seating provide premium convenience on all of your customers’ travels.

Near-field communication technology (NFC) 

The PX4 is the first of its kind to utilize Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology for its ignition system. Simply place or tap the NFC key fob near the receiver on the side of the tiller to start the scooter. Users can simply wave an NFC key fob near the receiver to start the scooter. It’s easy, secure, and assured to enhance the user experience. 

Tough & rugid 

Full suspension and memory foam seating allow you to breeze over asphalt, concrete, gravel, and any hard-packed surface in ultimate comfort. The PX4 is your ideal travel companion, whether at the park or exploring urban cityscapes, day or night, thanks to a full LED lighting package.

More Features

  • Durable color-through shrouds
  • Depth adjustable memory foam seating with 6″ slider
  • Seat size options:
    • 18×18-20″
    • 20×18-20″
    • 22×20-22″
  • Delta steering wheel with LCD console
  • Water-resistant user interface
  • Full suspension to ensure a smooth ride 
Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
500 lbs
up to 27 miles!
up to 9.3 mph

Maxima 4-Wheel

Starting at $3,284

The Maxima 4-wheel offers a heightened level of comfort and style for the ultra heavy duty scooter class. It has a 500-pound weight capacity, a reclining captain’s chair, headrest and a 22-inch seat. The wraparound delta tiller offers full and ergonomic control of four solid, never-flat, 10.75-inch tires that dominate the road ahead.

Heavy duty 4-wheel scooter

And we haven’t even started talking about what’s under the hood! A 24-volt DC motor powers the Maxima 4-Wheel  up to 5.8 mph with a 19.5 mile range. 

More high-end features 

Out front and leading the way, a three-part thin and bright LED headlight package looks more like it belongs on a luxury SUV, not a Class II medical device.

The wraparound delta tiller offers full and ergonomic control of four solid, never-flat, 10.75-inch tires that dominate the road ahead.

Product Weight Product Speed Turn Radius Miles Per Charge
500 lbs
up to 5.8 mph
up to 19.5 miles

Maxima 3-Wheel

Starting at $3,004

The new Pride Mobility Maxima 3-wheel is better than ever, delivering all the heavy-duty performance you love! The all-new infinite position tiller lever makes it easier to adjust the tiller. 

Experience the comfort of a new high-back, depth adjustable limited recline seat that swivels for easier access. To add to the Maxima’s appeal, this mobility scooter comes standard with front and side bumpers, a USB charger and full LED lighting!

Tough tires & 5-point swivel seat

Solid tires that can never go flat. The Maxima 3-Wheel makes it simple to start your journey with a 5-point swivel seat that turns you, the rider, toward the side of your mobility scooter to easily step off. On top of that, low deck clearance puts your feet closer to the ground.

More features

It’s fully loaded with more standard features than before, including a rearview mirror, infinite position tiller lever, USB charger, a seatbelt and a full LED light package featuring a front headlight, turn signals, and rear taillights.

Product Weight Product Speed Turn Radius Miles Per Charge
500 lbs
up to 5.8 mph
up to 19.8 miles

Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty Scooter

Starting at $3,499

From its distinctive look to class-leading performance, we have stopped at nothing to create the new standard in heavy duty scooters. The Cobra GT4 boasts a dynamic, modern design and incorporates cutting edge technological advancements to provide the most attractive, highest performance scooter available. In addition, the Cobra provides maximum comfort with a smooth, stable ride and a deluxe Captain’s Seat with a width of 22″. Experience a new age in scooter design with the Cobra GT4.

  • Ergonomic delta control handles makes it easier for users with limited strength and dexterity to operate the scooter
  • Innovative design for a distinctive, stylish appearance
  • One-touch, infinite tiller angle adjustment allows the user to easily position the tiller into the ideal driving position
  • Large, air-filled, low profile tires and full suspension for smoothest outdoor ride quality
  • “Blade” style alloy wheel rims
  • Efficient, extra bright LED lighting
  • Captain’s seat is height adjustable, swivel and features a fold-down, reclining backrest;
  • Padded armrests feature easy turn cylinders for angle adjustmen
  • Positioning belt included
  • “High/Low” switch for instant speed control
  • Anti-tip wheels for greater safety
  • Easy, freewheel mode
Weight Capacity Miles Per Charge Turn Radius Speed
450 lbs
up to 22 miles
up to 10 mph
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