Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Our line up of heavy duty wheelchairs are unmatched with quality, durability, and safety kepy in mind when selecting our products. Take a look at some of our toughest and most sturdy heavy-duty wheelchairs!

Sunrise Medical M6

From $3,414

Modeled using ultra lightweight, heavy duty wheelchair design components, the Quickie® M6® bariatric wheelchair features a high strength, modular frame with a 650 lbs. weight capacity that is tailor-made to your specifications.

Modular, High-Strength Frame

The M6’s modular frame, modeled after the industry favorite Quickie 2, features high strength steel for increased wheelchair durability. Its interchangeable, heavy duty components accommodate changing conditions with simple parts replacements.

Personalized Frame Setup

Each M6 wheelchair is built to keep you active by individually maximizing comfort and efficiency. Its adjustable axle plate allows for better wheel access, while low seat heights increase access to the floor for foot propulsion. Select from a range of casters, front hangers, back heights, and handrims to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Product Weight Weight Capacity Seat Depth Seat Width
53 lbs
650 lbs
18" to 22"
22" to 30"

Sentra Extra-Heavy-Duty Wheelchair

From $560

The Drive Medical Bariatric Sentra Extra-Heavy-Duty Wheelchair is designed specifically to accommodate users with higher weight capacities. Here’s a closer look at why we use this for most of our bariatric standard wheelchairs.

Exceptional Weight Capacity

The Bariatric Sentra boasts an impressive weight capacity of up to 500 lbs, thanks to its reinforced steel frame and heavy-duty construction. This makes it a dependable option for bariatric users.

Durable Build for Long-lasting Use

The wheelchair is built with a sturdy carbon steel frame with a triple-coated chrome finish for enhanced durability and a sleek look. Additionally, reinforced steel gussets, side frames, and caster journals ensure the chair can withstand everyday use.

Comfortable and Easy to Maneuver

Despite its robust build, the Bariatric Sentra is designed for user comfort. It features padded armrests, a durable and easy-to-clean upholstery, and sealed precision bearings for smooth maneuvering.

Product Weight Weight Capacity Frame Material Style
500 lbs
55 - 66.25 lbs

Invacare 9000 Topaz

From $1,800

The Invacare 9000 Topaz Bariatric Wheelchair features a heavy-duty, durable carbon steel frame and comfortable front riggings and arms for proper positioning. For easy mobility and proven stability, this wheelchair boasts gusseted sides, heavy-duty crossbraces and caster journals. The 9TPZ is customizable as a builder wheelchair to meet the needs of individual clients.

  • Low-maintenance, durable carbon steel frame
  • Simple seat-to-floor height adjustments
  • Heavy-duty package option features 1000 lb. weight capacity
  • Durable, triple inner liner keeps seat and back from stretching
  • Heavy-duty arms designed to accommodation weight capacity
Product Weight Weight Capacity Frame Material Style
1000 lbs
55 lbs
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