Keeping you at home is our mission.

Our in-home assessment process ensures that we thoroughly evaluate your requirements and recommend the most suitable equipment tailored to your lifestyle. With our personalized approach and expertise, we are committed to providing you with the best possible solution.

Home Assessment Information

How it Works

The first step is an initial consultation, where we gather essential information about your mobility needs and preferences. After we have user specs and details, we work with you to schedule a convenient date and time for the in-home assessment. 

Then, based on the assessment findings, our team works to determine the most suitable options for you. 

Once we find the right solution for you, we will quickly order, deliver, and install equipment. Now you get to relax and enjoy!


Our Process

Our experienced team will visit your home at the scheduled time to conduct a comprehensive assessment. This assessment involves evaluating your living environment, identifying any mobility challenges, and understanding your specific requirements. We take into account factors such as door widths, maneuverability, seating comfort, and other relevant considerations to ensure we find the best fit for you.

In Your Home

In Your Home we will be:

  • clean, kind, and respectful.
  • helpful and informative on our products.
  • able to provide assistance on any product install.
  • very careful to not damage or scratch any areas we work in.

In-Home Questions

Learn more about our in-home assessment process! Read FAQ’s we have designed to be helpful and let you learn more about what it’s like doing business with us 🙂

The best way to reach us is through our appointment form, seen here.

We take a great pride in our customers, so arrange for a time we can meet to ensure we have best outcome for our meeting. 

Meetings can be: at home, at our NEW office in Avon, over phone, or video chat.

Yes, our In-Homes are FREE! When you wish to learn more about having a product in your home, contact Central HME, we will gladly assist you and come out to your home, inspect it, and make a proper equipment recommendations.

Our goal is to recommend equipment that not only meet your unique needs but also provide long-term satisfaction and support!

Yes! We want you to have full confidence in your choice before moving forward!

We understand the importance of needing to test equipment in your own home for safety, comfort, and independence. Once we have narrowed down the options, we offer you the opportunity to demo a same or similar product to the own you desire. This ensures that you can assess their comfort, maneuverability, and suitability for your daily activities. 


To demo, reach out to us on our Get in Touch page or at 216-307-6270!

In-Home Assessment Resources

More information and policies related to our In-Home Assessments.

Insurances We Accept

We keep it easy: this list is every insurance provider we work with along with other helpful info.

Rental Policy

We keep our Rental Policy easy for you and are transparent about user fee’s & rental expesnes. 

Return Policy

Our Return Policy reviews how to return items, restocking fees, return rules, and re-sales policies.

Schedule your in-home Assessment!

If you have any questions regarding our in-home process, please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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