Lift Chair FAQ

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Customer questions about our lift chairs.

There are five main types of Manaul Wheelchairs.

  • Standard
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Heavy Duty
  • Bariatric

You can adjust a wheelchairs backrest height by raising and lowering the push handles on the back frame or the rear side frame.

Yes, normally. Although, they can soemtimes have an extension motor device such as the PerMobil Smart Drive, which we offer with this link

Absolutely! Where would the fun be in only having one type of color? 

Often colors range from standard color pallette selections to more absrtract creations such as Oceanside grey, a popular color of our Drive Medical MX2.

Despite Central HME going to great lengths for its clients, we unfortunetly do not.

 But you can easily and inexpensively fix any minor dings or blemishes on the frame of your wheelchair with nail polish! Here is an article we found to offer you a bit of guidance

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