Homecare Beds

Homecare beds are specially designed beds that provide support, comfort, and mobility for individuals who require in bed frequent respositioning and home-based care. 

ProBasics Full-Electric Bed

Starting at $850, $1,157 with mattress


Designed for easy one person delivery and set-up with a foot section that weighs just 42 lb. The robust, lightweight frame and snap on/off low-voltage DC motor box/hi-low motor ensures quick, efficient set-ups and easy routine maintenance.

Clients can take comfort that in the event of a power failure a 9V battery back-up is there to position the bed springs and bed height for safe transfer. Full rail cross brace location indicators have been added to the spring deck to make positioning of ProBasics full bed rails simple and safe.

Why We Like The Bed

It is easy to use and is easy to manuvere throughout the room or care facility. The bed head is also a dark, oak color, fitting with most room decor. It is also super light and is easy to break down into a few parts. 


  • Easy one person delivery & set-up
  • Quick & simple motor attachment or removal for service or cleaning
  • Welded steel split frame construction
  • Head and foot sections can be raised independently or simultaneously
  • Large button, simple-to-use hand pendant
  • Scratch-resistant bed ends keep the bed looking new
  • 9V battery back-up lets users go to the lowest bed position during power failures (battery not included)

$307 - new & delivered with bed.

Pair with a mattress!

Need a better mattress? Explore our selection of mattresses to see what works best for your needs.

Prime Care Bed P903

Starting at $2,721


The Drive Medical Prime Care Bed is a heavy-duty bed boasts a 600-pound weight capacity, ensuring it can safely accommodate even the largest individuals. To minimize falls, it adjusts to a super low height of 7 inches, while the 30-inch high working height facilitates comfortable caregiving. 

Key Features

The bed’s width expands from 36 to 42 inches at the touch of a button, providing residents with extra space and dignity. With lengths of 80, 84, and 88 inches, it comfortably accommodates even the tallest residents.

A 10-function backlit hand pendant lets you effortlessly control the bed’s position, including auto-contouring, cardiac comfort chair positioning, and under-bed night light for added security. The synchronized Hi/Lo control system keeps the bed level for optimal comfort and positioning during adjustments.

Constructed with welded steel and a slat support deck, this bed is built to last, and its 3-inch heavy-duty casters with dual footprint and steer control make it easy to maneuver at any height

Standard features include adjustable mattress retainers, heel lifts, and IV pole holders. Optional accessories like bed ends, assist bars, and trapeze bars allow you to customize the bed.


  • 600 lbs. weight capacity
  • 7″ super low height can help minimize falls
  • 10 function Backlit Hand Pendant
  • Under-bed light 
  • Synchronized Hi/Lo control system
  • Optional Width Expansion: 36″- 39″-42″
  • Sleep Surface: 80″, 84″, 88″

$150 - new & delivered with bed.

Pair with a mattress!

Need a better mattress? Explore our selection of mattresses to see what works best for your needs.

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