Stationary Concentrators

A stationary oxygen concentrator is a device that provides a continuous flow of oxygen to patients who require supplemental oxygen therapy. They are designed for use at home, in healthcare facilities, or whereever a reliable source of oxygen is needed.

✨New✨ OxyHome 5L

Starting at $950

The new OxyHome 5L Stationary Concentrator by OxyGo has a sleek, modern look with the reliability you need in a stationary unit. We enjoy this product as it’s quiet design, its easy to use control panel, and the 3-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Quiet Operation
  • Small Footprint
  • Purity check by percentage
  • German Compressor
  • Twin Blower Cooling Design
  • Contemporary Design
  • 3-Year Replacement Warranty (details here)
Enjoy daily activities without interruption; OxyHome is so quiet, you won’t even notice it’s running!
Delivery Rate Oxygen Purity Product Weight
0 - 5 LPM
93% (+3%, -3%)
41.8 lbs.
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