View our selection of stable, modern, and affordalbe Upwalkers. Our selection is comprised of only the lightest, most durable walkers on the market.

UPWALKER Premium Lite

Starting at $645

Expand your mobility options and enjoyment with the fully featured UPWalker Premium Lite.

The UPWalker Premium Lite includes all of the benefits of the original UPWalker, but has many new premium features not available on the UPWalker Lite. Softer and Larger 10″ wheels in the front and 8″ wheels in the back for a smoother ride that is easier to go over bumps on floors for improved stability and still compact/small and very easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Two motion activated lights illuminating users walking path for safer travel at night for those trips to the bathroom, kitchen for a drink of water or walks at night outdoors. Two removable and washable comfort pads attached to existing padded armrest supports for added comfort on long walks.

New premium size accommodates users from 4-10″ to 6′-1″ tall but still in a compact size and weight for transporting easier than Chinese copycat upright posture walkers.

Journey So Lite® Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker

Starting at $395

Stand tall With the Journey So Lite® Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker, never have to bend your back ever again to have the support you need.

 Take the Glide Upright Folding Rollator Walker on the go, it folds easily and at only 19 lbs. is easy to lift and store in the trunk or back seat of a car.

Lightweight frame: The So Lite® Glide is only 19 Ibs, thanks to an aluminum frame that’s both light and sturdy.
Hidden Cables: Unlike competitive products, the Glide’s brake cables are built into the frame to prevent tangles and improve style
Designed for comfort: From a wider seat to its strong. adjustable backrest to the padded armrests, the So Lite Glide reduces pressure on your back, neck and hands.
Safety first: Thanks to a dual braking system with manual locks and handbrakes, non-skid wheels and front and rear reflectors, you can walk without worry today.
Thoughtful design: One touch technology makes folding and height adjustments easy, and padded handles make sitting and rising even easier.

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